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Biodegradable Disposable Hygiene Glove

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  • MaterialPLA(Nature Works, USA), Ecoflex(BASF, Germany)

[Chois Trading Company]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Environment Angel disposable hygiene gloves have innovative features as follows:

     low-carbon green products made of corn-based bio-degradable resin
     no endocrine disruptor
     no dioxins in incineration processes
     100% spontaneously decomposed with the help of the soil microorganisms
          after they are in the landfill, and ultimately passed into the compost
     harmless to humans and nature


Biodegradable Glove Profile 


Product Category

EL724. Biodegradable Resin Products [EL724-2002/2/2003-114] 

Biodegradability Level 

more than 90% of biodegradability value in 180days 

Major Material 


PLA(Nature Works, USA), Ecoflex(BASF, Germany)

contains no proteins found in latex 


Ambidextrous, non sterile 


Clear, Natural 


For food service 



50pieces per inner box, 10 inner boxes per inner case, 10 inner case per outer carton

Or packed according to customer's requirements


Besides, there is something else we produce from the biodegradable materials such as disposable hygiene bag, garbage bag, shopping bag, pad for ground construction, peg, mulch film, mug, etc..

We are selling not only finished products but also film/sheet itself.

These products are certified to DIN EN13432, the EU standard for biodegradability and Eco-Label Certification by the Korean Government, and comply with USFDA regulation 177.1520. You can check out our video clip on a comparative experiment at

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