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Steamed Rice Cake with Yeast

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  • Materialsweet pumpkin, strawberry, black rice, and green tea, etc.

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  • South Korea South Korea

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'Didilhyang Steamed Rice Cakes with Yeast' are produced with investment from the central and local government for the first time in Korea, and in co-operation with academy-industry-government-research such as the Korea Food Research Institute.

They are made from 100% newly harvested rice from Gyeonggi province in Korea and safe local ingredients chosen carefully by the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation. And they are made naturally, without the use of synthetic coloring agents or flavoring.

Steamed Rice Cakes with Yeast can be digested easily as well as leavened rice cakes, so these are much-loved by the elderly.

There are 4 types of sweet pumpkin, strawberry, black rice, and green tea. They are available for a meal substitution food or an easy snack. You can taste sweetish and moist texture.

They are individually wrapped well in a sealed plastic case yet again in a paper box.


As quick-frozen, it is more fresh and wholesome.
Defrost it at room temperature for 2~3 hours.
To heat, microwave 1 piece for 2 minutes, 2 pieces for 3~3 1/2 minutes.


EXPIRATION DATE: for 12months at below -18℃